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Tree Top Adventure Baguio Summer Press Conference 2015 : Summer Gimik and Extreme Adventure in the City of Pines

Summer season is now approaching, can you feel the heat? Are you looking for "What To do and Where To Go" Summer Gimik in Baguio City?

How about adding an Extreme Adventure for you and your family this vacation? Tree Top Adventure is for you!

Tree Top Adventure held a press conference and media tour lastMarch 14, 2015 at Tree Top Adventure Baguio Camp John Hay, Baguio City. And as a member of Pinoy Blogger, we are so lucky to attend the Press Conference and experience the fun, thrill and adventure in the City of Pines. 

The said press conference was also attended by different medias from TV, Print, Radio and Social Media. 

Tree Top Adventure Baguio wants the public to know that if you want to experience the extreme, you might want to try out the activities at Tree Top Adventure.

The unique outdoor activities are:

CanopyFunicularTree DropSilver SurferSupermanTrekkingSkywalk

Here's some of the photos during the Press Conference

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY. Tree Top Adventure also offer…

Rediscover Baguio at Azalea Hotels & Residences


Back in the day summer would not be complete without taking a trip to Baguio for a few
days. One can see families and friends enjoy a boat ride at Burnham Park, taking
photos at the Botanical Garden, buying souvenirs and brooms at the city market,
munching bread or biscuits with the famous ube and strawberry jam, seeing the
beautiful view at Mines View Park, horseback riding, sipping hot soup or drinking a cup
of hot chocolate in famous restaurants along Session Road, warming themselves up at
the fireplace and jogging along the pine trees. Taking a stroll with the cool and
sometimes freezing temperature of the city is a great time to bond with loved ones too.

As time passes Baguio has maintained its charm and even became more exciting for
holiday goers with the flower festival known as Panabenga every February, adventure
and ecological parks, more variety of restaurants, strawberry picking at La Trinidad,
Benguet, shopping at a famous mall chain and chatting over coffee at well-know…

TREE TOP ADVENTURE BAGUIO: Experience the Extreme Press Conference and Tour

As the City of Pines welcomes the summer season, Tree Top Adventure will hold a press conference and media tour on March 14, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Tree Top Adventure Baguio Camp John Hay, Baguio City.
The press conference aims to inform the public that if they want to experience the extreme, they might want to try out the activities at Tree Top Adventure. Tree Top Adventure offers four unique outdoor activities divided into slow and fast paced activities. One slow paced activity is the Canopy and Funicular which is similar to the concept of a cable car, but, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all eight stations. If you prefer to just walk around the area and fill your eyes with spectacular view, you could avail the Trekking and Skywalk. For the fast paced activities, Tree Top offers the Tree Drop, Silver Surfer and Superman. 
Tree Drop is the most extreme activity that Tree Top offers in …

UST Artistang Artlets presents "PWD (Puso With Disabilities)"

Artistang Artlets, the official theatre guild of the University of Santo Tomas’ Faculy of Arts and Letters, presents“PWD (Puso With Disabilities)” written by Danielle Joyce Factora and is directed by Michelle Emily Lozare and produced by Mary Crizette Arce.
            PWD (Puso With Disabilities) is a musical play that comprises of different stories about lapses that occur in relationships and eventually lead to certain conflicts that may hinder someone from choosing to love again. This production aims show the audience certain remedies to various problems one may experience in love and how people involved in a relationship can use these remedies to compromise for each other’s shortcomings.

This playis set to grace the Tan Yan Kee Student Center AVR on the following play dates: March 23, 24 and 25 at the time 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. 
For tickets and information please contact Jann Kayla Mendoza (09278423870) or John MichaelPeña  (09058245399).