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When God closes the door, He opens the window

When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window
I guess He does. Except sometimes it is hard to see beyond the closed door. And we go banging our heads on it. And end up getting hurt with a bump on the head. And still being stuck behind the closed door.
But if we just look around we may see the light coming through the window. And while it may not be the way we wanted to go, it still might be more refreshing than being stuck in a dark room.
Since I've been staring at the closed door for way too long I decided to have a peek through my window and here's what I see:
Being a mother.Being able to get a job you want.Being able to take time off every weekend to go on holidays, from the mountains to the beach.Being able to spend a lot of time with my son who is absolutely adorable and becoming “gwapo”Being able to wake up every morning.

Being able to see beyond the closed door....and seeing the window that is bringing light into my life.

Luigi screams for Ice Cream!

With the long weekend, it was a day out for the always adorable Luigi in Festival Mall, Alabang.
The two-year-old enjoyed an adventure packed day with Mommy Dang and Titha Japs Azur. Strolling, travelling, skipping an ice-cream treat was on the agenda for the littlest Valdez, who took on the day with youthful gusto.
He seemed particularly thrilled as we stopped at an ice cream shop and even dived over the counter to point out his favorite flavor.

Juggling work with motherhood, particularly while  doing my graduate thesis is not easy but a long weekend is a breather for me and Luigi!

Mommy Blogger Awards

I was invited to witness the Mommy Blogger Awarding Ceremonies!  But unfortunately I can't come because I need to go home to take care of Luigi.
Well, I guess next time, I'll be attending this event. 
Goodluck to all the Mommy bloggers!

When Luigi says "NO!"

While everyone were enjoying their long weekend vacation, going out of town, malling, or just "staycation", ... our family stayed in the De Luxe Room of Las Piñas Doctors Hospital last August 17-20, 2012.

Luigi was confined last August 17 and discharged on August 20, 2012. I'll tell you what happened on my blog soon.

Here's some of the pictures while we were in the hospital.

What causes kids to throw tantrums?

What causes kids to throw tantrums? I have posted about handling tantrums, but I guess not about the ABC on what causes kids to throw tantrums…
Knowing the causes why kids throw tantrums is essential as it is a big help in understanding the nature of this misbehavior and at the same time parents would be able to know how to respond to their children’s tantrums.
So, what causes tantrums? Frustrations
Kids are no different from adults, they also get frustrated. Is it not that when adults get frustrated, we become angry, the emotional surge is sometimes overwhelming and draining, and we resort to crying and all sorts of unpleasant emotions flood us. As kids are no different from adults in getting frustrated, their responses to frustrations are no different from us too. The difference is in handling themselves as they respond to frustrations. With not self-control yet, lack of knowledge on the proprieties of life, tantrums is thus expected.
Most of the frustration among kids is caused by not be…

Handling Tantrums - How to Handle Yourself When your Kids Throw Tantrums

Tantrums are a misbehavior most parents dread. So what to do if it arises?
When children throw tantrums, they cry, they shriek, they yell, they throw things, even try to hurt you, and sometimes they even try to hurt themselves too. Talking to them at this point is useless. They would only cry more, yell and shriek louder. Attention reinforces this misbehavior. But if you ignore it, eventually the child will stop.
My son used to hit his head when there’s something that he wants and he was not allowed to have. At first I would try to cover his head because of fear he might hurt himself, but the more he would do it. I would end up giving in to his wants just so he would not bang his head. I knew it was not right. I knew this teaches him to threat so that he could get what he wants. So I asked parents and mommies what to do. They suggested ignoring my son when this attitude arises and be firm. And so I did. Though anxious that he might hurt himself, I tried my very best to ignore him.…

Meet My Super Yaya

This morning, I heard Luigi saying "Tsi-tsi Yaya!" and her nanny answered "You're welcome!". I smiled. It's a nice feeling that our home feels warm though it's raining cold outside because of the "Habagat".

As a working mom, I always left my son with our yaya's care. After searching for the "Wanted: Yaya for Luigi", and experiencing yaya horror stories.... Glad we found the "That's my YAYA!" for Luigi.

She is a nanny by day, and a student by night. It's  not easy and balance work and studies. But I could sense that at her age she is mature to enough to do those things.

Today is her birthday so I created an electronic children's picture book for her. Thank you for taking care of Luigi.

Again, Tsi- tsi yaya! (thank you yaya)

Taming my Terrible Two from Temper Tantrums

Most everyone is familiar with the term "terrible twos." A child who is 2 years old is going through emotional development that can transform a little darling into a difficult, tantrum-throwing, wild child. All children go through emotional developmental stages although some children may go through them sooner than others and the stages may be more pronounced.
Last week, my son threw a tantrum at bedtime. Apparently he had decided not to sleep and would just watch TV instead. So the whole time while we were in our room he was crying, shrieking, and stamping his feet. He threw his pillows several times and when this had no effect on me he threatened to throw his pencil and books.
Tantrums among children are inherent to growing up. This is their way of expressing their frustrations which, causes frustrations too among parents. Tantrums when handled properly will eventually go away. But if not, it will cause more and bigger behavioral problems among kids. How to properly handle t…

25 Series to read if you love the Hunger Games

Here's the 25 Series to read if you love Hunger Games. Check your local bookstores to buy for it. And if you want it for free, go to your library and borrow books. Happy reading!

Book Review: Harvesting the Heart, by Jodi Picoult

Harvesting the Heart explores the issues and the emotions of a young woman overcome by the demands of having a family.

This book, as Picoult's generally do, alternates between different points of view and periods in time. In this case, the story is told by Paige (in the first person) and from her husband, Nicholas's point of view, but in the third person. Since Paige's parts are told in the first person and Nicholas's in the third, I personally felt a lot closer to Paige's character. I also didn't like Nicholas particularly, and I'll get to why in just a minute.

Paige has some significant demons in her past to overcome. When she was five, her mother disappeared. An only child, she was raised by her father. When she was 18, she had an abortion. This led to a breakup with her boyfriend, and, worried that her father might somehow discover her secret, she chose to run away instead of waiting just a few months until leaving for college. She had been accepted by …