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Bibliophiles Exposed Photo contest entries

In celebration of the National Children's Book Week, THE DLSZ LRC spearheaded the BIBLIOPHILES EXPOSED: A Digital Photo Contest for High School Students.

Due to class suspension last Friday, awarding of winners will be on July 24, 2012 at the De La Salle Santiago Zobel High School Learning Resource Center.

Here's their entries:

Bibliophiles EXPOSED

DLSZ celebrates National Children's Book Day
“BIBLIOPHILES EXPOSED” A Digital Photography Contest for High School Students

Theme: “Masayang Magbasa sa Sariling Wika PHOTO CONTEST RULES: 1.This contest is open to all High School students of DLSZ. 2.Photograph any part of the DLSZ campus. The photos submitted may include the following: ●Photo of adult/s reading     ●Photo of student/s reading  ●Photo of a person using the library ●Photo showing reading advocacy ●Photo of favourite reading spot 3.Image to be supplied as high resolution (540x480) in JPEG. Participants may submit up to two (2) entries. Photo/s in larger sizes and higher resolutions are also welcome provided they do not exceed 10 MB each. 4.Entries should be submitted to should include the following information: ●A subject heading of “Bibliophiles Exposed” ●Full name,  section, title of photo and e-mail address of the photographer

Me and my Parenting philosophy

Me and my Parenting Philosophy

1. I’m the mother of a boy born in 2010
2. I believe firmly in attachment parenting and find that this approach is very intuitive to me. This means that I breastfeed, babywear, and co-sleep. I do not spank or let my child “cry it out”.
3. I am a working mom. Balancing career, work, studies and taking care of my child and home is not an easy task. But I am enjoying every minute of it.
4. I am religious and will be raising my child in my religion.
 5. I care about the environment and try to make choices in parenting and life with the environment in mind.
6. I enjoy nature and the outdoors and want my child to spend a lot of time outdoors being physically active too.
7. I am considering doing a PhD in corporate social responsibility and consider issues related to consumer ethics when deciding which products to buy for my family.
8. I respect my child. I treat them with him with the same respect as adults and do not belittle him.
 9. I believe in diversity. I want m…