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Blood Type G Baby joins the Human Lasallian Star

SCENE: Human La Sallian Star. Gate 1, DLSU-Dasmariñas
GUARD: No ID, No Entry. Show your ID Please…
TITHA Japs Azur: Shows her De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde ID
MOMMY DANG: Shows her De La Salle Santiago Zobel ID
YAYA: Shows her DLSU-Dasmariñas ID
GUARD: How about the baby?
MOMMY DANG: Hmmm.. Luigi doesn’t have ID yet but his dad is a Lasallian, mommy is a Lasallian, his Titha and Yaya is also a Lasallian… So his blood type is TYPE G…Green blooded Lasallian!  Want more proof?
GUARD: Ahhh Dugong Berde. Dugong Lasalyano pala. Ma’am ok na po. Pasok na. Ang cute ng baby nyo. Itsura at kutis pa lang Lasalyano na. Papasukin na ang blood type G na baby.
LUIGI: Ayp G! (Type G) :-)

Worry Less, Giggle More

While there are so many little mistakes I must have made as a parent, for me it’s the bigger picture, worrying about the future too much and too often, where I might have missed the mark. Sometimes I find myself with those wistful, dreaded “IF only” thoughts.  Why couldn’t I have been truly present in that 5:00 AM play period (having given up on returning to sleep) with my cheerful, chubby, son who NEVER complain?  I recollect him quietly humming “Old MacDonald”, playing with his toys, and sitting happily at the side of his mother who was guzzling coffee.  I wonder if, instead of worrying about how I was going to get through the day, the week, motherhood in general, I could have put my worries aside and been more “in the moment.” Perhaps then maybe this very precious memory wouldn’t be so blurry and absolutely feel as if it was over in the blink of an eye.

Once, at the height of exhaustion and severe sleep deprivation I read a passage written by a thoughtful and philosophical mother. …

Letter for my sister Japs on her birthday

June 6, 2012
11:30 pm

today is my little sister's birthday. and as such, today's post is dedicated to her  
and to that beautiful thing called sisterhood.
happy birthday, beautiful Japs! by the way, do i not have the MOST gorgeous sister ever?!
{okay, this is not good - i'm already crying...}

Dear Bing,
Today is your birthday. 
I remember the day you were born. i was only five years old. But even though I was a toddler, I just knew you were a little breath of heaven. The day Mama and Papa brought you home from the hospital, I kissed you on the head and I've loved you since that moment.
I remember thinking you had the littlest hands I'd ever seen. Although come to think of it, mine were probably not much bigger... but that's how it was. I was your big sister, and you were my little baby. But soon, you became my friend...and my best friend. 
And man, did we have fun. Remember how we loved kittens, puppies, ducks and chickens? (We had a mini Zoo!)
I remember how you always hap…